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Long Island Periodontist and Implant Dentist Specialist

Dr. Edward BrantWelcome, this is Dr. Edward Brant and I am very glad you found my website! I have been providing quality care for periodontal disease and dental implant treatment to the Long Island region since 1994. Dentists refer to me and patients refer their friends and family to me because of my reputation as a “perfectionist”. It is very routine for me to treat other dentists, dental hygienists and their family members. You have come to the website of the periodontist and dental implant surgeon that your dentist is likely to go to. Everybody wants to go the dentist that their dentist uses. Now you have found him. Not only do I treat other Long Island dentists, I also teach other dentists various techniques mostly related to dental implant procedures and solutions to complex dental problems.

I am a certified specialist who has advanced degrees and training on how best to treat gum disease and provide dental implants to replace missing teeth. Patients commonly seek us out for the following reasons:

Dental implants

Are very often the best treatment:

  • When dental crowns and bridges are not an option
  • To help replace or stabilize a denture
  • To replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth

Treatment of periodontal or gum disease

Please note “sore gums” or “bleeding gums” may or may not be present when you have periodontal disease.

  • Dental laser treatment with the Periolase is a popular treatment choice. This dental laser is the only FDA approved laser for the treatment of periodontitis.
  • Other treatments include non-surgical, surgical and local and systemic drug therapy

Tooth removal

Cosmetic dental surgery

Cosmetic dentistry services will improve the look of the teeth and gums.

Correction of receding gums

Sedation dentistry

Not all periodontists are trained to provide sedation services. Our office provides a full range of sedation services.

Emergency dentist services


What to Expect

When you come to my modern, technologically advanced office, I am the only doctor you will see for treatment of your gums and teeth. This is unlike other offices where you may not know who is going to treat you. My staff and I get high marks for knowledge, experience, friendliness and professionalism. You will feel and see it the moment you walk through the door! Many patients have commented, “I knew I was in the right office the moment I stepped inside.”

However, we are not the right office for every patient who lives on Long Island. In general, there are two types of patients. Some patients just want cheap or lowest cost treatment. This type of patient believes that all practitioners are the same and the experience will be identical no matter where they have the treatment rendered. It does not take too many episodes of the “Dr. Oz Show” to realize that patients can have different experiences depending on the office they go to. Our entire office revolves around providing the patient with an excellent experience which does have an associated cost.

Why So Many Long Island Residents Choose Us

Patients gravitate to our office because they appreciate the value of first rate care delivered in a painless manner at a fee which is considered usual and customary. To help with the cost of dental implants and other treatments we have various ways to pay for treatment in order to make the treatment affordable. If you have dental insurance, we will work hard to ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

Finally, nobody speaks more honestly about how I treat people more than previous patients. To help you figure out whether or not my office is the right place for you, I invite you to read some of the many testimonials we receive in the “Long Island Loves Dr. Brant” section of this website to gain an appreciation of how well we treat patients.

Explore Our Web-based Education Materials

Now, go ahead and explore my website! There’s lots of good stuff and information that can benefit you here. We have educational articles and videos that explain various treatments including laser periodontal therapy and dental implants. You are probably looking to select a periodontist or dental implant dentist. There are many choices on Long Island! Whatever you decide, be sure to read the five things to look for when choosing your dental care provider.

If you like what you see then give the office a call at (631) 584-4395. If you are reading this in the evening or on the weekend then just leave a message or fill out the “Contact Us” form and we will call you back.

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