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Patient Gets Dental Implants and Reviews Long Island Dentist

Long Island periodontist gets raving review from the father of a top cosmetic dentist on Long Island. This particular dentist could have sent his father to any number of specialists to perform the dental implant therapy but choose the office of Dr. Edward Brant. Listen carefully as this patient describes the lack of discomfort during the procedures. There is a general belief that dental implant surgery hurts while the dental implant is placed. This does not have to be the case. Dr. Brant has a gentle way to give the injection and once you are numb there is no need to feel pain. This is always difficult to believe until you have experienced it for yourself. Unfortunately, previous poor experiences at other dental  and medical offices make the concept of painless dental implant surgery a very difficult thing to believe. So listen closely and look through the website for other testimonials.

This patients had 19 dental implants placed and other gum surgery procedures. All surgeries done without pain. So if you are wondering how much does a dental implant hurt. This video should answer your question.

The cost of the dental implants and the lack of dental insurance fades when the value of a new healthy smile is realized.